My name is Mitch Andrews and I'm a game programmer from Toronto, Canada.

I program primarily in C++, C#, and Node.js using either OS X, Windows, or Linux.

I primarily use C++, Unity, and Unreal Engine 4 for game development.

Contact me at the bottom if you have any questions!

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I worked on various aspects of Disney Magic Kingdoms for mobile.
• Worked with artists to help integrate animations and cutscenes into the game
• Implemented the tracking system code used for creating a detailed overview of the user’s behavior and created tools to make our tracking code data-driven
• Created tools for designers to help increase productivity when creating quests for the game
• Worked on the online event system to extend the flexibility for time sensitive tasks for users playing the game

Goatie 3D - May 07, 2016

A spiritual successor to the cult hit Goatie Jr. This year's T.O. Jam goal was to take goatie to the next level.
Available soon for mobile on this site!

Personal Portfolio - June 6, 2010

This website is currently hosted on GitHub Pages and powered by Metalsmith, Node.js, and Mustache. It has has always been an active project for me because it gave me the opportunity to explore web related languages / services like Node.js, Mongoose, PHP, MySQL, and a little Ruby.